Ride 'Round Rhody 2018


Money raised by RRR2018 will support programs that treat cancer locally and advance treatment globally. Fundraising is a critical part of what it means to participate in Ride 'Round Rhody. Cyclists who raise or donate $1,000+ will be recognized as members of the 2018 Peloton Pack.

Getting Started

Set a goal. If you're new to the RRRide, set your goal for $300. A goal gives you and your supporters something to work towards. Later when you surpass it, it's always fun to raise it and watch your friends continue to help you achieve more. The average rider raises close to $1,000, and we are super confident you will too!

Set up your personal Rider Page. This is your dedicated fundraising page on the website and where you will direct friends and family to donate. Make this page personal – tell your story and why this cause is important to you.

Secure donations. There are several ways to go about asking for donations. However you choose to fundraise, just remember to convey how important this cause is to you!

Securing Donations

Email. From your Ride Center page, you can send out pre-crafted emails to those in your address book. You can also write your own email to make it personal – this is what people will connect to the most. Tell them why this cause is important and how they can support your goals. You'll likely have to send out multiple emails reminding folks – this is key. Follow-up and reminders are essential! Just make it sincere and fun.

Social Media. The easiest and fastest way to see results. Simply connect your fundraising page to Facebook and other social media sites (you can find links on your fundraising page), tell friends what you're doing, and tell them how much you would appreciate their support.

Events. We've had people host pub crawls, spin classes, salon nights, drag shows -- you name it, just do it! Make it exciting and different. Invite your friends, serve up anything fun, and ask them to donate to your ride! We will gladly provide a speaker or someone to represent RRR and explain where their dollars go.

Take it to work. Let your coworkers know you've signed up for RRR with an email or a simple note on the break room fridge. A quick personal note about why you chose Ride 'Round Rhody will help boost your donations, not to mention make you look like an even better person than you are! 

If you have questions or concerns about fundraising, please get in touch. We're here and happy to help